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POSTED BY Fergierabbit May 12, 2018

Welcome Everyone

We are a brand new gaming website designed by gamers for gamers , we are still in alpha stages in developing our website and hope to grow over the coming months. we would like to invite you all on our journey to become the top gaming website.!!

More info you should know – Not only are we running a website we are a team of 6 who are gaming enthusiasts so not only will you be able to enjoy the latest gaming news, but you will be able to watch us stream current and new gaming content via our livestream section at the bottom of the page, so please tune in even if its just to say hi to the team. (streaming times mon-fri 5-10 GMT time and sat-sun times may vary.

we have plans to bring alot more to our website for example we are currently testing out tournaments. at some point you will be able to register your own team for your chance to battle it out with us and other contestants. we have alot more ideas but no-one likes spoilers do they 😉 !! .

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